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Over a decade of friendship and adventures together. Now ready for the next stage; work as a solid team to overcome new challenges and go into the unknown.

Oleg has been off-roading since 2008 with his wife, Kate. They also hike together, climb together, and mountaineer together. Oleg is an active mountaineer and a member of LA County Mountain Search and Rescue. In 2019 Oleg and Kate decided to start overlanding as an option to stay in the adventure lifestyle with their newborn. They now have two toddlers whom enjoy overlanding as much as they do.

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We are always building and modding our rigs. Currently we have:

2022 GX460 (on 35's)

2021 4Runner (on 34's)

2019 4Runner (on 37's)

2008 Wrangler (on 40's)

See full build sheets

We also have a YouTube channel!

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