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TrailWash Battery Pack
TrailWash Battery Pack

TrailWash Battery Pack

Long Life

- Brian R.


Go Ahead and Treat Yourself
Take that long shower with an additional battery pack.

Trailwash Battery Pack

Additional battery pack for TrailWash system.

The 18650 battery pack has an extended life that will last for many hours.

It can cover a family of 4 on a 14-day camping trip without recharging, but if you need to recharge, it only takes 3 hours.

Includes additional velcro attachments, battery pack, charger, and sticker.

Trailwash battery pack on side of tank

What's Included:

  • Velcro Attachments
  • Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • Sticker
Trailwash battery pack on side of tank

Why Invest In A Spare Battery Pack?

Life can be difficult. Why not have a little extra luxury when you can?

A spare battery pack can give you the ability to take a nice long shower and still have battery power for the rest of your water needs.

The quick rechargeability means you can just keep the water flowing.

Also, we live by the motto "2 is 1 and 1 is none."

Trailwash Portable shower system faucet in action
Trailwash Portable Shower in jerry can holder
Trailwash portable shower spraying off women's feet
Trailwash portable shower washing off surfer
Trailwash portable shower washing hands at camp
Trailwash portable shower system women taking a shower outside
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